March 18 to 23, 1811

Painting of Cincinnati in 1800 from ohiomemory.org18th accompanied by our Landlady & her mother we went to Joseph Evans's, dined & returnd Just before dark; Johns family has lately removed <<tear>> these parts; has three grown daughters, the youngest Sarah I once had the offer of, she seem'd like a promising young woman;

Joseph closely recommended, my leaving tea & Coffee, & trying a mild diet for several months, which I feel inclined, to adopt, & hope for resolution to do it = 19th last night I was disturb'd in Sleep by dreaming that my dr little TR & old frd EA had just deceased, & I was anxious for them to be buried in one Coffin; it also seem'd as if there was a third Corpse; & my dr Mother also present; but have not a clear recollection of the matter left Lebanon abt 11 oclock, & pass'd over a beautiful country considerably improved for abt 5 miles; then the road was poor, & the Country in places not quite so good: untill we reach'd Prices Inn, 15 miles, found rather indifferent entertainment, & miss'd our kind frds the Fergusons particularly in point of lodging, the fields have began to be green & those with grain are beautifully so:

20th after a poor night we took our departure & came on to Mills's, who we find, is a widow her husband died last 6th m°. She is from Elizabethtown in the Jerseys, has been here 14 years, they have made great improvements a fine brick house &c Staid long enough to get dinner & then proceeded to Cincinnata, the road mostly dry & settled; took lodgings at Griffin Yeatmans near the river; which affords from our chamber a pleasing view Newport being situated on the opposite side in Kentucky a small town, in which is the united states Naval establishment;

21st in the morning was call'd upon by Jessy Hunt & his wife; the former we were introduced to at Lebanon She invited me to take tea the next day; which I gave some encouragement to do; if we tarried in town; dined upon excellent fish; I believe perch taken out of the River; I think equal to any I ever tasted. rode round the town in the afternoon - Thumbnail image of Cincinnati earthworks mapvisited the remains of an ancient fort; & mound within the limits of the town; & stopt at an english gardeners who had been here but two years. Seem'd like an honest industrious man, I thot him so deserving encouragement, that I gave him most of the Turnip beet seed I had left: which I doubt not will gain him a few pence; he had many pretty little plants among which, were a beautiful monthly rose, one in full bloom, with 3 large buds, which he had just sold for 9/; our land lords sister Sally, accompanied us =

22nd last night dream'd I was awakend by a gentle touch from my dear E Todd, who it seem'd had been to visit my dear Mother; I arose with alacrity to provide something comfortable for him; & soon found, it was only a dream, but the apprehension, that something serious, affects some of my beloved frds, is the frequent companion of my mind, yet I know not that I cou'd regret taking this Journey, if I shou'd not see some of them again; as I feel incompetent to care; & cou'd not help them if they were distress'd; this has been a rainy day & prevented our going anywhere, excused myself from complying with the invitation: as I perceived there was a party invited, & I did not feel able to go so unaccustom'd am I to things of this nature, that it wou'd be a task & a burden; & I much regret that this practice has found a way into those remote settlements, Portrait of a lady by Henri François Mulardbut the people in most places dress as well, & are as fashionable, as in the larger Cities, Lace &c worn by the females = one unfortunate man by the name of Smith, here is likely to loose all his property, it is to be sold for the benefit of his Creditors next 2nd day 13 miles from here; he seems like a worthy person & has excited my sympathy: had been industrious building vessels &c but by the mismanagement of those in whom he has confided, all must now go, I think he appears to bear it with a degree of fortitude, has an amiable family, whom he wishes us to see; this is a very beautiful town I feel much attach'd to it: a fine Market, & everything to be attained, that is necessary; the river furnishing this Market from remote parts, with many good things Cyder & apples cheap, the latter now sold for half a dollar per bushel.

23rd confined & much distress'd with the head ach; in the evening was Just able to go down stairs & see Jessy Hunts wife who came again to our lodgings, she appears like an amiable woman: