March 10 to 17, 1811

Old Shaker Building Union Village Warren County Ohio10th proceeded 10 miles thro very good land, & lodg'd at Smiths; his wife is a member of our Society; fared very indifferently, but they were likely to move soon to the Miama country & I hope the Inn will be better supplied; 11th call'd on our way at Harrison Ratcliffs; himself & valuable wife went to Nathaniel Popes with us; the latter had kindly invited us to go there, when we were at Chilicothe: we tarried with him that night; the next day 12th we rode 7 miles to Vanmeters there my TR got a horse & boy to go on 7 miles with us to Armstrongs, the road laying thro' a Swamp & very muddy, we had a good supper, & pleasant Land lady; who is likely soon to leave, that place for Cincinaty; where her frds reside = in the morning my husband purchased a small horse, of the Land Lord, to ride on himself, & relieve the waggon horses; & we reachd Lebanon 22 miles, & lodg'd at Furgasons, we have pass'd over a large tract of excellent Land since leaving Chilicothe;

14th yesterday spent in & abt Lebanon our kind Land lady accompanied us in the afternoon 4 miles to the Shakers Settlement, & a Lawyer who boards with her, by the name of Freeman; we had heard on our way that they (the Shakers) were likely to sell their improvements, & go to the Wabash country & we knew not but it might be a good purchase but, found quite to the Contrary, & tho' pleased with the Country round: yet I saw nothing to induce my tarriance = they have cleard considerable Land, & built some large framed houses; we were invited by Dr Canby to take tea at his house & on our return, we went thither. Just across the street from our Lodgings; & spent an agreeable evening with his pretty little wife, who resembles the daughter of Ruth Fisher extremely, they are <<tear>>g, & she being confined with a young child seldom gets to mtg. 6 miles distant; She came in this morning & spent abt an hour, my TR & RI left me to ride with her husband abt 6 miles to view the country, we are very agreeably situated in this family, & I think I cou'd be content to stay sometime, this is a very pleasant little village, I think as much so as any we have yet seen, & the land of Superior quality around it

Strawberry15th accepted an invitation from my Land Lady to visit a family; from the Jerseys abt 3 yrs since by the name of Van horn, whose history is too interresting to be pass'd by silently this family composed of seven daughters & one Son, with their father & mother left home, the father in a low state of health yet so as to have hope of performing the Journey probably reaping advantage from it, but the fatigue proved too much for him, & he died in Pittsburg, they then proceeded, on their Solitary way, & appear to be persons of respectability & well educated: I was pleased with my visit, & treated with attention; the youngest daughter particularly claiming my regard: from the softness, & apparent Sweetness of her disposition, she reminded me of my dear Candice they are comfortably accomodated in a log house built by their Son, who occupies half of it; & is making great improvement, in gardening &c & soon intends building a brick house, in the garden, <<tear>> fine bed of monthly Strawberries & some of the other kind, 5 different kinds of Raspberries, asparagus fit to cut this Season; Shrubbery & many valuable roots = return'd, & found my TR & RI, safe at our lodgings well pleas'd with their excursion, having had time to view one of the ancient forts for which this land is so remarkable, an acct of which deserves a place in this book =

16th having for more than a week, had a sensation at times abt my right hand & arm, that reminded me of a paralytic affection: I mentioned it to the wife of John Evans, who came into town with her husband & daughter, she confirmd my Suspicion, & advised immediate attention, & as it appeard to increase pretty rapidly almost to the disuse of the part I consulted Dr Canby: who tho' young seems like a Judicious man: & he immediately advised bleeding in the afternoon it was done, & I had to return to bed after recovering a little from a faint turn; but believe it was a right Step; tho prevented from getting to meeting by it on the 17th, which I much regretted; the Sensation not wholly abating & feeling considerably weakend in the morning <<tear>>aining prevented my husband also from attending mtg being 6 miles distant =

Fort Ancient by CERHASthe acct my TR gave of his excursion is in part as follows, 7 miles from this place, ascended from the little Miama river on the Virginia Military Lands, abt half a mile, by the only passage into an admirable fort, the circumference of which, is three miles, & contains near 600 acres; it appears to be the only situation within a great distance, that wou'd admit, of so formidable a plan of defence, the walls are abt 20 feet high & the base 30 wide, & on the side next the river, & that up river, in some places, where the first fall of the natural bank favourd, it is from <<tear>>0 to 70 feet, inaccessible except by the gateway as is many other parts of it down the river, & on the South east side, but upon the east, which is  <<tear>>n the river, there is an extensive plain, & the gateways nearer together, some of the avenues appeard to be Sluce ways for water, against which an elevated point, either natural or artificial, from which the Sluces, might be coverd for greater security; it is said there are one hundred gateways the walls were once much higher, or have, remarkably preserved their Shape, & in many places wou'd be very difficult to ascend; upon them are many trees 4 feet thro' while there are little ridges & hollows, that appear to be made by the falling over of trees of <<tear>> former growth; Such as we have frequently seen passing thro the woods, resembling graves without the least trace of wood abt them, without the fort, perhaps one hundred yards from the Ramparts are two mounds, with large trees growing upon them, abt Seven miles down the River on the side opposite this fortification, there is another containing abt 100 acres, one part of which is within 40 yrds from the river, where there is the appearance of brick work, reduced by great heat to Cinder, as tho' there might have been a furnace.