February 3 to 9, 1811

South Mountain by platospelunks @ flickr.com3rd of the month Rode 19 miles, & cross'd the South mountain, found it as good as we had reason to expect, & endeavour'd to get safely & slowly along -

lodg'd comfortably 9 miles from Chambersburg a handsome flourishing town Snyders, a log house, & on the 4th got 20 miles on our way to Louden, to the foot of the North mountain the reflection of the Sun, this morning upon Several <<tear>> was beautiful indeed, I cou'd have wishd many of my frds cou'd have enjoy'd the Scenery <<tear>> lodg'd at Whitesides Inn, I omitted mentioning the Civilities received from Judge Riddle of Chambers Town, who we met with at York, & several times fell in with on our way, he call'd at the Inn this day, & handsomely invited us to his house, & gave an invitation from his wife to lodge with them on our return - the weather being too fine to omit travelling, we were under a necessity of declining the first proposal, & the Second must be left, for a future decision.

5th rode 19 miles pass'd Macollins <<tear>> call'd at Drydens Inn, which appeard like an excellent one, there are several good houses, & the situation <<tear>> the mountains appeared pleasant, we had another <<tear>> elegant view of the mountains, I thot it worth riding a great distance for; Lodg'd at Reamers at the foot of Sideling Hill, 6th we have now cross'd South Mountain, North Mountain, Scrub Ridge, Sideling Hill, Rays hill, & Tursers Mountain, most of them, tho <<tear>> good by the inhabitants, Seem'd bad enough, but <<tear>> was a little part of them Smooth & pleasant. <<page 6>> Forded the beautiful Juniatta, & rode on its banks in the afternoon, reached Mount Dallas, & lodged Hearthys Inn - pass'd thro Waynesville, called Bloody Run: in consequence of some lives being lost, or taken by Indians, pleasantly situated between the mountains <<tear>> Log houses, we were this day prevented from a view of the mountains by the surrounding clouds, & mist, which produced some snow in the afternoon, 7th rode 6 miles & breakfasted at Bedford Dillings from thence proceeded to the foot of the Allegany mountain, & lodg'd at Burns, very indifferently, as was our breakfast on the mountain, on the 8th at Stocklers; Statlers Tavern (Stocklers in journal)for want of reaching the distances, on acct of our horses: & the Roughness of the road, we have lost the benefit of an excellent Inn at Storse town, Grahams; if from Dillings, we cou'd have got to Grahams 28 miles, we should have done much better - Lodg'd at Dennison no better than the former Inns, rode 9 miles on <<tear>> to breakfast: at Johnsons, a Log house but more comfortably provided for than at the large brick one we left - pass'd the Laurel hill & Chesnut Ridge, <<tear>> bad road most of 20 miles, this days Journey,& arrived in Youngstown; & next the 9th rode 23 miles the road being better.

Editor's Note: In the footnotes to Touring Ohio in 1811, Ethel Conrad identifies the inn Charity Rotch mistakenly called "Stocklers" as the Statler Inn, operated by Casper Statler. The photo shown here is the inn as it appeared in 1960.