April 22 to 27, 1811

Pittsburgh in 1804 by George Beckwas introduced at R Richys to Aquilla Bolton, a man of bright endowments & truly useful in those parts in educating the Children, a large number of which, there are in the land already; cross'd the river, & rode 9 miles on the Virginia Side; on its delightful banks, borderd with flowers, & I doubt not many precious plants, but on this occasion, as in my passing along, in most places, I cou'd not have my curiosity indulged by stopping to view them;

Spent the next day with dear Patience, who kindly helped me, prepare a gown to ride in, my old one, having become too poor; on the 24th we left them, & dr Aquilla Bolton, Michael kindly, coming a few miles with us; we proceeded on our way to David <<tear>>ghts, & lodg'd pretty comfortably.

25th rose early came on to Washington: the beauties of which we did not discover: in the passing thro it last winter: it being pleasantly situated; abt 300 dwelling houses, a handsome Courthouse, plain neat Church &c that we now have an opportunity to behold the difference, the enlivening passage of Spring makes in this country- after dining at Morris's on a good ps of roast Beef, we rode 7 miles to Donnalsons, Canonstown, from thence on the 26th pass'd on to Pitts Burgh, abt half a mile from the town is a tremendous hill which we chose to walk down; the height of the land; caused the town we were approaching to look Low, but Shew'd it, more completely to my view than I had before form'd an Idea of it in the form of a theater; at the Confluence of two beautiful rivers, which indeed I shall leave with regret, the Monongahaly appearing as wide as the Ohio: but very different in depth met a welcome reception from our kind host & hostess Maccullough. Sassafras blossom by Zen @ flickr.comNancy their daughter had been sick in our absence, & one of their borders rec'd a letter, from Arvine, & one from Wm Wharton but none from my dr Rachel or our N Bedford frds which I fondly hoped for; we do not observe such a variety, or quantity of flowers, since leaving the lower part of the Ohio, but still the Country is beautiful: several trees having their blossoms; quite expanded: the Sassafax, box wood Red budds

27th spent at Pittsburgh, repacking Trunks &c; was so fatigued thereby as to convince me that I had not made any great acquisition of strength