Kendal Social Library

Library article thumbnail imageThe Kendal Social Library was established in April 1825 with a bequest of books from Charity Rotch.  The library's register was given in 1898 to then Massillon Superintendent of Schools, E.A. Jones. Jones gave it to the McClymonds Public Library which later became the Massillon Public Library. The register is now in the archives of the Massillon Public Library.  It contains details of the library's operation from 1825 to 1848, including trustee minutes, borrower names and items borrowed, and a catalog of books.

The first librarian was Beriah Brooks. The library was open on the first Saturday of the month from 5 to 7pm April to October, and from 3 to 5pm October to April. It was housed in the "Library Room" in Kendal - whereabouts currently unknown.

The register contains a catalog of 421 volumes. Most of these are now available online at which makes it possible for you to "borrow" books from the Kendal Social Library right here.