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The Kendal Companion launched on January 29, 2011 -- exactly two hundred years after Kendal founders Thomas and Charity Rotch set out from Philadephia to visit Ohio. Content was added throughout Kendal's 200th anniversary year, and the site entered into a state of "suspended animation" in July 2012. Help keep Kendal's history alive! Your original submissions on any and all topics related to Kendal's people, places and things are strongly encouraged.

Mission and Vision

The Kendal Companion's mission is to provide
a comprehensive, accessible, authoritative and interactive resource
for the history of Kendal, Stark County, Ohio.

Our vision is an online community
of history professionals, amateur historians, students
and all others interested, curious, and skeptical,

acting together to explain Kendal as it was, expand its legacy today,
and explore its impact on tomorrow.

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