Reservoir Drive is Old Mill Race

"Reservoir Drive’s days as a 'race track' are nearly over" was the lead sentence in an article in the Massillon Independent on July 15, 2011. The city of Massillon decided to limit traffic on the road just west of Sippo Reservoir because of residents' complaints of reckless driving. But this is not the first time this stretch of land was "racy." For decades, it was the site of a race that provided water to power mills.

The images above tell the tale.  The first is taken from the Stark County Auditor GIS, the second from the 1875 Atlas of Stark County.  The third is a composite - with the GIS image overlaying the 1875 map.  The two do not precisely match, probably due to slight inaccuracies in the map's scale - but the correlation between present day Reservoir Drive and the old mill race are plain to see.

Note that the map shows the race passing through something at the end of Williams Avenue NE.  What it was is a mystery.  Hopefully time and research will reveal the site's purpose.

Further information on the race and a larger map can be found in the article Sippo Creek Dams.