Ad for the "Town of Massilon" 1826

This advertisement was published in the Ohio Repository throughout the year 1826:

TOWN OF MASSILONAd for Massillon, 1826, Ohio Repository

The proprietors are now laying out, and offer for sale Lots in the new Town of MASSILON, situated on the Ohio Canal, at the intersection of the great road leading from Pittsburgh westwardly, through New Lisbon, Canton, Wooster and Mansfield. It is very conveniently and pleasantly situated on the east side of the Tuscarawas, or Muskingum river, in the midst of one of the most wealthy and fertile Wheat growing districts in the state of Ohio - It occupies both banks of the Canal, having a large and commodious Basin near the centre of the town, with a large number of Warehouse lots laid out adjoining, so as to render it peculiarly convenient for commercial business.

The prices of the lots and terms of payment may be known by applying to Alfred Kelly, acting Canal commissioner, or to James Duncan, one of the proprietors, who resides at Kendal, about one mile from the town plat.

March 22, 1826.